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Security guards provide essential services for businesses of all kinds. Hiring a security team can reduce the occurrence of crime and give valuable peace of mind to employees, customers, and business owners alike, but it’s not always easy to select a security company.

At Markham Investigation And Protection (MIP), we offer our years of expertise in the industry to help you understand what you need to keep in mind when choosing a security company. This is why we have written down a few questions you can ask to ensure you are receiving only the best quality of service.

Was the officer on my property?

Throughout an Officer/Agent (s) shift, MIP Elite allows customers to see every detail of an Officer’s activities while engaged in protecting your property/personnel.

How long was the officer on my property?

MIP Elite includes real-time GPS tracking of all MIP personnel. It also includes robust reporting tools, allowing our team to capture photos, videos, and other real-time data to enhance our reporting capabilities and ensure accountability to our customers.

Did the officer check all designated areas/checkpoints?

With MIP, you’ll never again have to wonder about what security was doing in your interest. We capture a significant amount of real-time information from the field all day, every day, in addition to our in-person checks of field personnel by our management team.

Were the reports complete and thorough?

While security may be an intangible service, when a company does not live up to their end of the contract and Officers are not held accountable for their duties, it can make for very real problems in our client’s businesses and families.

Did the officer provide a written accounting of their activities while on the property?

Our team of Operations Controllers monitors our personnel throughout each and every day, providing real-time support to field personnel, as well as ensuring our Agents and Officers are on task and providing the service our clients are paying for.

Were log entries made throughout the officer’s shift?

Each MIP Elite customer is provided with a login to their account, allowing the customer to see in real-time what security is engaged in on the property, as well as to read reports and communicate with our Operations Management team in real-time.

Did the officer report safety issues or security-related incidents?

The peace of mind and accountability offered by MIP Elite are without parallel in the industry, as it combines the level of service that MIP is renowned for with a comprehensive system of documentation of our personnel’s activities on a client’s property. If your Security or Protective Services provider can’t offer you the peace of mind afforded by MIP Elite, you likely aren’t getting your money’s worth.


We recommend you inquire of any potential or current security vendor if they can match the utility, accountability, and function of the MIP Elite platform at the exceptional value offered by Markham Investigation and Protection. MIP routinely replaces other security firms who do not have the supervision and accountability mechanisms in place that we do, paired with a dedicated and highly proficient management team of industry experts at your and our team’s disposal twenty-four hours a day.

If you are looking for a security company in Lakewood, WA, reach out to us at Markham Investigation And Protection. We have assembled a team of industry experts with over hundred and fifty years of combined experience. Our top-of-the-line services include executive and dignitary protection, alarm response or patrol and field operations, professional security guard services, crisis response, disaster surge security operations, security consulting, and investigations. We serve clients across Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, the District Of Columbia, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, and the surrounding areas.

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