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In the event of a natural disaster, terrorist attack or civil disturbance, workplace disruption like a labor dispute or even an infectious disease pandemic, the response phase and aftermath can create a chaotic scene. You can have lawlessness, burglary, looting and threats to critical infrastructure requiring support from sources outside of the local response and mutual aid pools.

Markham Investigations and Protection (MIP) has developed innovative methods to deal with the aftermath of catastrophic events, or in anticipation of them, rooted in the mechanisms established by the National Response Framework, National Incident Management System and Incident Command System.

We have thousands of highly trained operators to help with security, logistics, communications and assisting DMAT, IMAT, USAR search and rescue operations, food distribution, testing sites and shelter locations. By providing physical security to evacuees, we work with our response partners to stabilize the local population.

Uniformed Personnel - Crisis Response Security Operations Services by Markham Investigation and Protection

Markham Investigations and Protection (MIP) has the tools and necessary background to safeguard affected areas prior to, during and after the federal government is able to respond properly, providing support to response partners at any level of the response.

MIP is able to pool many resources together due to our contractual relationships with vetted strategic partners. Some of these partners offer logistics support, air support and other direct manpower support. Each partner group forms a collective response unit that is able to sustain itself or act autonomously in disaster areas. The experience of the team of disaster response and recovery surge security, logistics and base camp management personnel of Markham Investigations and Protection and our subsidiaries and partners is without parallel in the industry.

Our combined resources allow us to maintain relationships with many of the major security companies in the United States at various levels, including regional relationships with even more vendors throughout the South, West, Gulf Coast and National Capital Region. Our President's and business partners extensive networks allows them access to nearly any conceivable asset or service delivery mechanism.

Patrol Security Guards - Disaster Surge Security Operations Services by Markham Investigation and Protection

We are contractually connected to the industries most dynamic, and capable firms, rendering us able to execute extensive or limited operations, whatever is needed, throughout the US region with short notice. Markham Investigations and Protection is a licensed, bonded and insured company, and we insure that our partners maintain the same or greater levels of liability insurance and bonding as we do so as to protect our clients interests.

Our partners include experienced military logistics Officers at the command level along with disaster response base camp experts with private business interests capable of supplying thousands of personnel indefinitely.

Food, water, living quarters, showers, restroom facilities, cleaning supplies, clothing, uniforms, office supplies and base camp operations equipment such as refrigerated trailers, kitchen facilities, mess facilities, generators and air conditioning units are all amongst the extensive array of logistics mechanisms at the disposal of Markham Investigations and Protection.

Our partners have crafted a base camp operations plan that can serve as a template for nearly any operating environment, providing for the robust care, welfare, safety and security of it's occupants, while providing shelter, recreation, food, medical aid and protective services.

Supply chain logistics considerations for any operating theater have already been put in place, leaving only field considerations such as placement of facilities for consideration - to include floods, oil spills in the Gulf, hurricane season, wild fires, earthquakes and much more.

Personnel, Training, Licensing Personnel assets within the scope of our current relationships extend upwards of 3000 security officers throughout the continental US and high risk operators, with access to up to 15,000 personnel due to our contractual relationships.

This cadre of assets includes medical personnel such as Physicians, EMT's and Paramedics, Former Marines with Embassy experience and various surveillance experts, including remote CCTV, wireless alarm systems and more.

We have some of the finest PSD agents in the world, including former SEALs, Secret Service detail leaders to US Presidents, Delta Force members, Green Berets, MARSOC operators and many other elite military and Federal agencies, including DSS and foreign militaries (Australia, South Africa and Great Britain as examples).

We can provide local language personnel in any environment we deploy to up front.

We are open to discussing our capabilities and contracting options with any prospective customers.

Our philosophy of compassionate, service driven delivery of our product, security, is based on our personal and professional belief that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

Our goal is to provide a tangible feeling of security, with real world results, and to do so cost effectively. The personnel under contract with Markham Investigation and Protection's licensed, bonded and insured security partners are true professionals that receive world class training in defensive tactics, crisis intervention and media relations, disaster response and emergency management, so as to avoid costly public relations problems for you and your company or agency.

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