A Handbook To The MIP Group Services

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Initially, security personnel or bodyguard services were a luxury only the rich and famous could afford. However, as assault, robberies, and other crimes have increased over the years, the coverage provided by security companies has expanded to different demographics as well, like business people, bankers, company CEOs, and even regular families who are concerned about their safety. In addition to protecting people, a security detail (or security team) can also guard properties, establishments, or practices if the owners have concerns about break-ins or misdemeanors there.

At MIP (Markham Investigation And Protection), we offer a broad range of security services to various clients. To help them make the most of what we have to offer, we have put together a handbook covering the main aspects of our services. In this handbook, you will learn all about our business attitude, how we serve you, and what promises we make to enhance your security.

Our business values
When it comes to personal security, we understand that you require services that you can rely on to avoid potential danger. As a result, we make it our goal to earn your trust and help you feel safe. All of our staff has special training in security detail and are seasoned in personal protection. Each of our security experts is sharp and displays quick reflex action to guard you and your property against danger. Our team also pays attention to the details you share with us to produce a plan that keeps you protected no matter what. By working in this manner, we can assure our clients’ high-quality security services.

Besides quality, we even focus on maintaining integrity while delivering our services. We are 100% upfront with our clients as they trust us with their lives and possessions, and we want them to feel comfortable doing so. By being honest, respectful, and available, we find it easy to achieve this.

Our services
As we mentioned earlier, Markham Investigation And Protection offers clients a broad range of protection services. With over a hundred and fifty years of collective and diverse experience, we can provide our clients with effective solutions tailored to their needs and the possible situations that threaten their security and safety. Some of these well-planned services include:

1. Physical security services
When it comes to physical security, we assess our clients’ needs thoroughly and assign them security personnel accordingly. We provide comprehensive protection and include security features like in-home or residential security, travel security, event security, and 24/7 coverage in a variety of settings and geographic locations throughout the world.

2. Security patrol services
Our patrol services are performed by officers trained in effective reporting procedures, crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques, defensive tactics, and self-defense, and are certified on every piece of equipment that they carry.

3. Disaster response security
In the event of a natural disaster or breach of security, we put into action innovative plans to deal with the aftermath of these catastrophic situations or in anticipation of them. Our methods are rooted in the mechanisms established by the National Response Framework, National Incident Management System, and Incident Command System.

4. Consulting and investigations
We have a brilliant network of licensed, bonded, and insured private investigators and security consultants that can locate any asset, a missing person, supplement criminal and civil investigations, and provide expert witness reviews and testimony of criminal and liability cases.

5. Executive protection
The high net worth of business executives and famous people often attracts risks to their safety and security. To offer these individuals excellent protection, we conduct detailed risk assessments, on-going intelligence monitoring, threat assessments, and use technology-driven surveillance and monitoring platforms.

Our promise
While offering the services mentioned above, we aim to deliver the best experience to our clients. To manage that, we make sure to hire only experienced professionals with the right training and skills for the job. We also promise our clients these three aspects when they avail of our security services:

a. Client-specific
Our service delivery is client-specific and based on their needs. To gather a client’s specific security requirements, we conduct an assessment of your unique situation and perform on-going monitoring of threats and intelligence related to their property, estate, or entity.

b. Conduct continuous surveillance
To offer clients reliable security, besides keenly observing their surroundings and acquaintances, we also conduct on-going monitoring of our staff. We use GPS tracking, body cameras, written reports, and continuous supervision to offer integrity-based services and quality assurance.

c. Provide highly qualified personnel
Our staff are highly trained and meet a standard far greater than the State’s minimum requirements. Nearly all of our personnel have a US Military or Law Enforcement background and experience with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and other Homeland Security agencies. This enhances client safety and our excellence as security specialists.

For more insights about our security services, please reach out to Markham Investigation And Protection. We are known for our executive protection, event security, security guard, and patrol services. We serve clients all across Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, District Of Columbia, Detroit, Seattle, Portland, and the surrounding areas. We believe that every one of our clients has different needs, and we respect them by offering them the support and understanding that they require. Moreover, we treat our clients the way we want to be treated, and that’s what makes us unique from our competitors in the security industry. Apart from this, our service accuracy goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations and guarantees them peace of mind.

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